Exhaust System Problems and Your Automobile

To prevent problems with your vehicle’s exhaust system, have the system inspected every one to two years. This gives us an opportunity to make sure the system is not damaged, clogged, or leaking. If we see something wrong, we can repair the issue before it becomes a serious problem. We are going to list below the signs that your exhaust system needs to be serviced or repaired.

Noise Problems

Noise problems mean that there is too much noise when your automobile is running. This is a sign that the muffler has a hole in it. It can also be a sign that the muffler is damaged in some other way and unable to muffle the exhaust system noise. As an aside, it is also a sign that the catalytic converter has been stolen.

Performance Problems

Performance problems are an indication that the exhaust system is leaking or clogged. In this case, the exhaust is stuck in the engine either because it is leaking back into the engine or it cannot get past a clog. When this happens, your automobile will suffer from engine performance problems that make it lag.

Fuel Efficiency Problems

Your automobile will also suffer from fuel efficiency problems if it is having engine performance problems. Unfortunately, this can be a problem if you cannot afford to spend more money on gasoline or diesel fuel. Repairing the exhaust system will restore the engine and fuel efficiency.

Manifold Problems

Another thing that can cause the exhaust system to leak is a leaking exhaust manifold. The manifold is the part that moves the exhaust through to the catalytic converter for treatment. The manifold can crack and start to leak hot exhaust into the engine. When this happens, your engine may overheat.

Tailpipe Problems

You may also need a new tailpipe if the tailpipe is damaged. Your automobile relies on the tailpipe to remove the exhaust from the engine. This is crucial because, as discussed above, exhaust can affect how well the engine performs. It can affect the engine’s ability to produce combustion.

Exhaust Odor Problems

Finally, there is a serious problem if you can smell your vehicle’s exhaust inside the passenger cabin. This can be a sign that the exhaust system is clogged. It can also be a sign that the exhaust system is leaking. Either way, inhaling the exhaust can make you sick.

We are here to help, so call us today if you are having any of the problems discussed above.

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