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Cooling SystemYour engine works hard for you every day. And with all that work comes heat. Unfortunately, if your engine gets too hot, it can lead to serious trouble. But what can you do to keep your engine from getting too hot? It all depends on your vehicle’s cooling system. And if yours has seen better days, you can rest assured that Sunny Automotive is the leading source of cooling system repair in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding area.

Automotive Cooling System Repair Cincinnati, OH

The cooling system in your vehicle operates by circulating cool coolant through the engine to cool it down. As it filters back through, it is taken to the radiator where the now hot coolant is cooled down, and that heat is released so that the entire process can start again. During colder weather, the heat evaporating from that coolant is what keeps you warm when you turn your vehicle’s heater on.

Some of the signs that your vehicle’s cooling system is struggling include:

  • Smoke coming out from under the hood
  • Your temperature gauge is reading high
  • A decrease in gas mileage
  • The exhaust smoke coming from your tailpipe is white
  • Your coolant is consistently low
  • Your coolant is leaking

Protect your engine by watching for the signs and call Sunny Automotive to make an appointment at the first sign of trouble.

Vehicle Radiator Replacement Cincinnati OH

One of the most crucial components of your cooling system is the radiator. Without it, the entire system is in trouble. At Sunny Automotive, we offer radiator replacement Cincinnati drivers can trust. If your radiator isn’t cooling your engine down the way it should, a radiator replacement is a great option. Our team of expert mechanics will see to it that your radiator is installed properly, so you don’t have to worry.

For cooling system service and repair in Cincinnati, choose the team that always puts your satisfaction first and contact Sunny Automotive today to schedule an appointment.

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